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Why Phuket Songkran Festival?

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Thailand, Phuket isn’t only about the pristine beaches, nightlife, personal shopping services and relaxing massages. The Pearl of The Andaman is party central and boasts a cornucopia of hedonism, delicious cuisine, cheap accommodation and east meets west culture for holiday-makers, ex-pats and backpackers alike - from bejewelled temples to bedazzling island-hopping tours and bejazzled ladyboy cabaret!
It’s second nature to take a bucket and spade to the beach, but this year, you can forget the spade at Phuket’s 2016’s Songkran festival as (armed with water-pistol in one hand, Andaman Sea filled bucket in the other) you’ll face off against the friendliest people on earth - the Thais give thanks to Buddha and celebrate the largest water fights in the world. 

What makes Songkran in Phuket such a special New Year?

In addition to five days of refreshing drenchings, folks in Phuket visit their family and offer prayer as Thai New Year is a time to reflect, leave the past behind and move on.
This year you can join in a communal Thai New Year merit-making ceremony, witness The Procession of the Phra Buddha Sihing image around the world-famous Patong Beach, see a delightful floral parade, attend the little Miss Songkran beauty pageant and indulge in a plethora of art and cultural exhibitions. 
So go on, you aren’t afraid of a little water and some soul-cleansing, are you?

In short:

  • One of the world's biggest and wettest water fights
  • Visit Thailand's most famous party town
  • Witness The Procession of the Phra Buddha Sihing
  • Miss Songkran beauty pageant
  • Give thanks to Buddha
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager