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Why The Playboy Mansion Halloween Party?

Halloween is so much more than a celebration of All Hallows' Day. Like, um, an excuse to eat candy and dress up in a super-skimpy superhero costume.

But don’t settle for your neighbour’s lame backyard party where the decorations are bed-sheet ghosts and dollar store plastic spiders and the bat-shaped cookies are the only thing worth eating. You have a better option: the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. 

Scary AND Sexy?

Yep, turns out an event can be both totally creepy and sexy all at the same time.

The setting is elaborate and impressive: there are three graveyards, two haunted forests, a huge haunted house and mammoth party pavilion. All populated by over 100 themed actors and performers. And bunnies, obviously. Who could forget the Playboy bunnies?!

So go shake your tail alongside them at this creepy/sexy extravaganza. But be warned: you’ve never seen so many sexy Halloween costumes in one place. Hell’s own inferno doesn’t get this hot.

Click the link to nab your ticket now. All tricks aside… you’re in for a real treat.

In Short:

  • Elaborate sets like graveyards and haunted forests
  • Themed actors and performers
  • Oh, and Playboy Bunnies dressed in skimpy Halloween costumes. Obviously. 
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager