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Why Playboy Mansion: Hef's ""4th of July"" Party?

Playboy Magazine may have ditched nude centrefolds in 2015, but the Playboy Bunny, Hugh Hefner and his infamous parties live on… for now.
The naughty nonagenarian put the historic property up for sale for a cool $200 million. So if you want to celebrate The Fourth of July with Hef, his harem of bikini-clad, blonde bombshells and beautiful brunettes, celebrity friends and rock stars, you better act quickly before the place is sold!
During the afternoon, you’ll have the chance to tour the historic mansion and grounds. There’ll be photo opportunities with The Playgirls and if you’re very lucky, you’ll frolic with Bunnies in the pool... but when the sun descends, that’s when the real fun starts!

What's so remarkable about Hef's parties?

The evening kicks off with Hef’s firework display lighting up the Beverly Hills skies and when The Man himself (presumably) has his hot chocolate and goes upstairs to bed, that’s when the DJ’s and live performers take to the indoor stage... 
As night becomes morning, the party promises to become America’s wildest Fourth of July party and one you may never forget (depending on how much champagne you drink!) 
This end of an era event is certainly one event that needs ticking off the bucket list sooner rather than later. Click the link for more info and tickets. 

In short:

  • Party the fourth of July away with Hef and the Playboy Bunnies!
  • Meet Hef's celebrity friends and rock stars!
  • Tour the historic Playboy Mansion
  • Evening kicks off with a firework display
  • Dance the night away as DJ’s and live performers take the stage
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager