Porsches on Ice


Jan - Apr



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Why Rally Drive Porsches on Ice?

Because you can!

You may have noticed by now that, here at Life of Riley, we love to mix things up and this three-day ice-driving break perfectly mixes indulgent relaxation in Stockholm with adrenaline-pumping racing in Sweden’s lake district. 

You and your partner will begin with one night in the heart of Stockholm, minutes away from the historic sites of Old Town where you can indulge in a Michelin-starred tasting menu dinner for two.

Great start! What's so great about the rest of the trip?

From Stockholm, you'll fly deep into Sweden’s frozen wilderness to the alpine town of Åre on the slopes of the eponymously named mountain. There, in scenes resembling ‘Spectre” or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, a world-class rally driver will teach you the rudiments of ice driving. Once you’ve perfected your Scandinavian Flick, it’s time for the experience of a lifetime as you push your Porsche 911 to the absolute limits slaloming around an ice-covered lake.

After you’ve thrashed your Porsche into the ground (well... ice), experience a snowmobile safari through the mountainous landscape before being transported by private car to your lodge where champagne, hot spa and outdoor hot tub await, before savouring a warming three-course gourmet dinner. The perfect way to end a thrilling weekend away in Sweden.

In Short:

  • Stay one night in the heart of Stockholm, with a Michelin-starred tasting menu
  • Fly deep into Sweden’s frozen wilderness!
  • Rally Drive a Porsche 911 and slalom around an ice-covered lake
  • Let your chauffeur drive you back to your lodge...
  • Champagne, hot spa, hot tub & 3-course gourmet dinner await
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager