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Why a Private World-Class Thai Cookery Class?

To understand sum rap Thai, or ‘the way Thai’s eat’, you must learn the fine balance of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and hot. These are the pillars of Thai cuisine and there’s no better place to learn than the Blue Elephant cookery school in bustling Bangkok.After an early morning trip to

After an early morning trip to market, where your master chef will help you select the finest ingredients, you will spend the rest of the day prepping and cooking your choice of menu from scratch. Your taste buds will get one heck of a workout!

Prepare a feast fit for Thai Royalty.

Within the illustrious Old Thai Chine Building, Chef Nooroor will explain how your ingredients compliment one another and the importance of their medicinal properties, a key feature of authentic Thai cookery.

The proof is in the freshly prepared curry paste as they say. By the end of service you will taste the fruits of your labour as well a selection of authentic dishes prepared by your mentors.Back home, with Chef

Back home, with Chef Nooror’s wisdom under your whites, invest in good ol’ fashioned pestle and mortar and let the freshness of your home made preparations, transport you back to the tastes of Bangkok.

In Short:

  • A Thai culinary and cultural journey.
  • Master Chef mentor.
  • Located in the heart of Bangkok.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager