Pushkar Camel Fair


Nov - Dec



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Why Visit The Pushkar Camel Fair?

Each November under a gleaming full moon, the holy town of Pushkar erupts with one of India’s grandest gatherings.

With 400,00 people descending on this small temple town, trying to find the best accommodation and a local guide can be enough to give you the hump! Thank all the lords on the subcontinent for Camp Bliss, your desert oasis. They offer luxury tents and authentic Rajasthani cuisine in a peaceful gooseberry orchard setting.

It’s a world away from the sprawling ‘tent cities’ where livestock and grumpy travellers stay. In fact, it is a whole word of its own. Every year, Camp Bliss roams between remote villages and rural fairs, gathering local people whose lives are intimately connected with the land and bringing them all together for your entertainment and intrigue.

A Carnival Within A Fair.

From camel herders and rose growers to yoga devotees and talented musicians, this vibrant camp provides travellers with the kind of Rajasthani hospitality that Rudyard Kipling wrote about in Kim, his evocative novel of north Indian life.

You will experience installations by travelling artists, realign your chakras with yoga, embark on guided excursions and catch informal talks from historians, authors and photographers.

Forget about sleeping because there are always impromptu concerts and vibrant celebrations that burst on every corner day and night! At Camp Bliss you will come to fully understand Kipling’s adoration for this pocket of the vast subcontinent.

In Short:

  • India’s greatest gathering in the Rajasthan desert.
  • A luxurious and inspiring retreat.
  • Rajasthani hospitality at its finest.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager