Rafting Magpie River





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Why Rafting Magpie River?

You are unlikely to encounter other people on this adventure. In fact, most of the Magpie’s rapids have never even been named!

The only way to access it is by float plane and the 50-minute flight alone is worthy of a National Geographic write-up, of which it has received a multitude.

As you fly in over pristine cliff-top lakes, pounding waterfalls and endless forests, the only locals you’ll see are bears, moose and wolves. Welcome to 7 days of unbroken wilderness and yes, that Deliverance banjo is playing in our heads too!

From placid lakes warm enough to bathe in and rivers quite literally pure enough to drink, to the very real challenge of surging class 4 and 4+ rapids, it is Mother Nature who reigns supreme here.

A treasured wilderness.

You’ll pitch up each night on river islands sheltered by towering pine trees, gather driftwood for the campfire and lay back under the distant pulsing glory of the Northern Lights, trying to find some words that’ll do the experience justice.

Since 1988, Earth River Expeditions have fiercely protected the region, ousting mindless developers hell-bent on wrecking the wilderness and welcoming instead, a handful of appreciative adventurers.

Keep your eyes open for the elusive lynx and a pray you don’t hear that banjo…

In Short:

  • Access by float plane only- this is Into The Wild stuff!
  • Expert local guides with knowledge of the best rapids.
  • Magpie River a favourite of National Geographic.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager