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Why go Rally Driving in Iceland?

Iceland is famous for four things - Björk, impossible to pronounce volcanoes, incest and rally-driving. 
While we at Life of Riley suggest you steer clear of the first three, we firmly believe that rally-driving across Iceland this coming spring is the only path to happiness.
Well, maybe not the only path, but an extreme;ly enjoyable one!
If plumes of volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajökull allow, Reykjavik is just a short two and a half hour flight from London and, for the very reasonable sum of £2.500, you could be joining the three-day Dodgeball Winter Rally...

What makes Iceland the perfect place to rally?

Well, for starters you'll go on an expidition in a Toyota Hilux (with its 44” wheels!) across the Icelandic tundra. You’ll freewheel up and down an active volcano, chortle at your local guide’s surname and become a daredevil as you snowmobile across the Langjokull glacier.
With vehicle hire, transfers, hotels and food (not forgetting a lobster buffet in one of the country’s most highly rated restaurants) included, this is your chance to live the life of a Top Gear presenter, only without James May’s questionable clothes, Richard Hammond’s boot-licking sycophancy and Jeremy Clarkson’s whiff of casual racism.
Oh, and don’t forget your swimming trunks for a dip in the world famous Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa!

In short:

  • Fly to Iceland and see another world
  • Join the three-day Dodgeball Winter Rally
  • Drive a specially-equipped Toyota Hilux across glaciers
  • Navigate tundra and freewheel down an active volcano!
  • Vehicle hire, hotels, transfers, food, lobster buffet all included
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