Rancho La Puerta

Mar 1, 2018 To Oct 31, 2018

United States

Why Rancho La Puerta?

Here at Life of Riley, we feel it’s high time everybody shook 2016 out of their hair with a brand new start… and there’s nowhere better to renew your mind, body and spirit than Rancho La Puerta fitness and spa retreat.

Nestled in the shadow of Baja California’s mystical Mt. Kuchumaa, near Mexico’s Tijuana River, the retreat’s name means Ranch to the Door because you are invited to open a door to empowering your true self.

This veritable garden oasis has to be seen to be believed and encourages integrative wellness for women and men of all ages and fitness levels through exciting, energetic fitness options, delicious organic cuisine, and pure fun and relaxation.

What makes Rancho La Puerta the best?

In the late 1930’s, Edmond Szekely and his young wife Deborah had a vision for a new kind of healthy vacation destination. In June 1940, the first guests arrived at the beautiful Baja California campsite and the modern fitness revolution was born...

Family-owned and operated since then, Rancho La Puerta has been changing lives now for over 70 years. What more proof do you need that these guys know their potatoes than the fact that Deborah (born in 1922 and now in her nineties) still lectures?

On any typical day, you could find yourself opening your chakras through yoga, healing yourself with meditation and increasing fitness by hiking the beautiful Baja countryside. You’ll dine on incredible healthy cuisine for lunch and dinner and attend lectures and concerts in the evening before the stars of the Milky Way caress you to sleep.

Their motto has always been “Siempre Mejor,” so if you want to be “Always Better” what are you waiting for?

In short:

  • The original and best fitness and spa retreat, since 1940
  • Yoga, Meditation, Spa and Acupuncture
  • Beautiful oasis under Baja California’s mystical Mt. Kuchumaa
  • Brilliantly informative website
  • Learn how to live a happy, active life into your nineties! (maybe)
Paolo Resteghini
Paolo Resteghini Author & Events Manager
Paolo Resteghini
Paolo Resteghini Author & Events Manager