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Can I Get an Encore for The Rat Race Dirty Weekend?

The Rat Race Dirty Weekend is for the true rockstars of adventure racing. This is the time and place to don your dirty boots and get deep down and dirty. What a truly phenomenal way to spend a weekend. Although it doesn’t revolve around that other great mud-orientated UK pastime, namely the ubiquitous raucous music fest, this is a weekend that will have you rocking your mud-encrusted socks off! 

The Dark Side of the Mud

So dust off your training gear. Well, perhaps because of the very nature of this event (the dirtiest weekend this side of the weekday Rat Race!), it will be fine to leave your kit a bit grimy. Find your inner filthymucker and join a whole bunch of other mad, mud-loving, foot-slogging racing enthusiasts at the world’s largest assault course. From the full-on extreme Dirty Double with 400 obstacles to the Half Mucker with 150 obstacles, there’s something for everyone. Well.... everyone who is hardcore and fit enough that is! And for those of you with rug rats, there’s even the Young Mucker course to keep them entertained and grimed up!

Where others get their kicks in a thrashing musical mosh pit, you’ll be headbanging your way through mud pits. In fact, you’ll climb, swing, scramble and slide your sweaty way over a whole bunch of curious contraptions and obnoxious obstacles.

In fact, the only person who won’t think the Rat Race Dirty Weekend is the best weekend EVER is the poor sod who has to wash your kit!

In Short:

  • Mud: Of course
  • Obstacles: Lots of them
  • Rocking after party: Expect to go large
  • Dirty fun: But you can still tell your mom about it
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager