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Why choose the Red Bull Air Race - Ascot?

If you're anything like me, finding out that the Red Bull Air Race takes place at Royal Ascot’s famous racetrack should fill your brain with visions of The Queen in the cockpit, Ray Ban Aviators on, sepia photograph of her sweetheart Prince Philip, stuck on the windscreen and shooting German Fokkers out of the sky. 
Unfortunately, Her Majesty had to give up her fighter pilot’s licence on her recent 90th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ma’am!

What makes Ascot the ideal Red Bull Racetrack?

But we still have tickets for the most exciting races Ascot will ever see! If you haven’t been to a Red Bull Air Race before, while there’s no dogfights, these air-devils race their amazing planes on timed sprints and slalom through obstacles at speeds of up to 260 miles an hour - which, by my calculations, is at least TWICE the speed of the Ascot’s fastest horse!

Race day and weekend tickets are available for all the family, but why not check out The Red Bull Sky Lounge? With unrivalled views of the racetrack, five-star service and celebrated international cuisine, this tailored VIP lounge is the ideal place to watch the race and fit for discerning guests who desire the finest possible race experience (That’s you!) 

In short:

  • Watch the Red Bull Air Race in leafy Berkshire 
  • Speeds of up to 260mph - that's faster than any horse! (I think)
  • Race day and weekend tickets are available for all the family
  • VIP tailored tickets in The Red Bull Sky Lounge
  • best racetrack views, five-star service and gourmet international cuisine
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager