Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme 2017


Jul - Aug


Russian Federation

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Why Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme 2017?

Red Bull might give you wings, but if you’re bat-guano insane enough to have even clicked this link then you might just be crazy enough to compete in the longest bicycle stage race in the world. 

Starting in Moscow, you (and a duo partner if you prefer) could be one of only a handful of 20 “lucky” riders to spend more than three weeks cycling across seven time zones, four of the longest rivers in the world as you court the borders of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

What makes this event so challenging?

The new route covers 14 stages varying from 300 km to 1,400 km and ends in Vladivostok, making the race three times longer than Tour de France and twice as long as the Race Across America.

2017’s race is easier than last year - with three stages instead of two up to the Ural Mountains, but that’s where the good news ends! The rest of the route will be much more testing but you will be able to rest on Lake Baikal in Irkutsk for one day before the extreme second half starts.

In its two-year existence, only ten riders have completed the race, but if you think you have the lycra-clad calves, thighs and buttocks and balls of steel to become the eleventh, click the link to register.

In Short:

  • Bike from Moscow to Vladivostock!
  • Longest bike ride challenge in the world
  • See incredible sights as you ride...
  • Straddle the borders of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.
  • Be one of the few to have ever finished the race!
  • Easier than last year!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager