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Do you need a Restival?

Imagine the atmosphere of a mini-festival coupled with the sanctuary of a retreat. You’ve just imagined Restival - beautifully curated, intimate wellness travel experiences with indigenous cultures.  

If, like so much of the Western World, you feel frazzled by modern life, Restival will take you offline and off the grid for a few days to remote places such as Osea Island, the Sahara or Arizona Desert for that rare opportunity to reconnect with yourself, let your hair down, become part of a tribe again and truly connect with nature.

Restival’s founder Caroline Jones has hand-picked specialist practitioners from the worlds of yoga, meditation, sound healing, peacemaking, artists, wellness teachers, life coaches, spa practitioners and cultural tour guides for an incredible experience that promises to change your life for the better, forever.

When and where is the next Restival?

The next two Restivals take place in September in Arizona, home to the Navajo people and the most beautiful pink skies you’ll ever see. You’ll spend five nights staying in an eco-lux comfort teepee, learning from and connecting with this indigenous culture’s innate wisdom, spirituality and creativity.

You’ll be treated to once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable moments, from Navajo peacemaking, horsemanship, artists and jewellers’ workshops, mask making, sweat lodges, storytelling, NASA and Navajo astronomy, floatation tanks, Hopi ruins, hiking and dancing on a meteorite crater at sunrise!

There are writing workshops, Qigong and Yoga classes, workshops on love, how to marry the right person and how to let go… around campfires with music, dancing, a masked ball and meditation…

Restival is the closest you’ll find to going back in time… with real wigwams!

In short:

  • Connect with nature and the Navajo people in Arizona
  • Five nights of wellness and spirituality
  • Learn from dozens of wise, indigenous masters
  • Restival will change your life and how you view the universe
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