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The Rickshaw Run... The most fun you’ll have on three wheels!

Forget selfies outside the Taj Mahal, or hand-held tours of the Ganges – the Rickshaw Run is the only way to really experience India.

It’s also the fastest, most adrenaline-fueled, and least sensible way to experience it too.

This experience sees you dangerously soar around India, Sri Lanka or the Himalayas in a small, rustic, surprisingly fast 7-horsepower cake tin on wheels – conquering the country, risking your life, and saving the world. It’s terrifyingly good.

Driving the Un-Route

With the Rickshaw Run you can forget detailed plans. There’s a start line and a finish line. The rest of the route is open to interpretation – and that’s where the fun really begins.

In one of the most vibrant countries on the planet, you’ll spend a week away from the tourist trail, experiencing the real India, trying to tame the rickshaw as you make your way from A to B (via C, D, S, 4, and Z).

Pimp your rickshaw to the extreme before you get on the road, exploring the Western Ghats tea estates, sprawling beaches of Goa, the Nashik vineyards, Rajasthani palaces, and all-round crazy city that is Mumbai.

As well as the obligatory cricket match at the launch party (it is India after all), at the end of every run comes another party, with cold beers to wash away the week’s breakdowns, near misses, and general tension of navigating uber-crazy roads in a dangerous vehicle.

In Short:

  • Experience the best and worst of India like never before
  • Raise your heartrate by driving your own rickshaw
  • No set route – you create your own adventure
  • The week starts and ends with an awesome party


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