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Why Rock Climbing, Thailand?

When you're scaling jungle cliffs and negotiating impossible overhangs above blue lagoons dotted with long-tail boats, you know what Living feels like.

The remote islands of Southern Thailand are a limestone wonderland. Many pitches begin straight from white sand beaches where it appears Mother Nature very kindly carved out a playground for climbing pilgrims, adrenaline-seekers and exotic flora admirers alike. If you happen to be all three, this is your Shangri-La.

The agile locals, that’s to say monkeys, gibbons and monitor lizards with whom you will share the ascent, make for intense pacemakers!

Pick Your Moment.

This December, legendary Spiderman impersonator Tim Emmett will be Sun and Rock’s guest coach. This fearless wild-man is a prime example of a world-class pro who just can’t stay away from Thailand and for a short time you have the chance to shake his calloused hands!

Life of Riley warning: it’s highly likely that you will be inclined to quit your current life and relocate to a bamboo shack at the foot of your favourite wall! We don’t blame you.

There is an endless selection of secret spots for the truly intrepid that rise straight out of the ocean, requiring an approach by boat or kayak followed by rope ladder. We can help with that resignation letter if you like!

We have 8 or 12 night packages available and you're just a click away from taking your interest to a new height (see what we did there?).

In Short:

  • Experience the roots of Thai climbing culture.
  • Combine world-class climbing with an island-hopping adventure.
  • Live out those Sylvester Stallone ‘Cliffhanger’ scenes under a tropical sun!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager