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Next.... Roll Like A Rockefeller 

You've partied like Gatsby, run like lions, tigers and bears as The Wolf of Wall Street and maybe even binged like Bukowski, so now it's time to slow down a little, don your Jackie O sunglasses and really enjoy living it up in the playgrounds of the New York State elite. 

Seriously, whether you're a stylish couple who love their history, gourmet food and wine or are free, single, young (at heart) and enjoy the finer things in life, this High Society holiday will make you feel like a million dollars!

Seriously guys and dolls, fellas and fillies - you haven't made it til you've rolled like a Rockefeller!

Why Is This Holiday The Crème De La Crème?

Flying into New York, you’ll stay at The Surrey - an Art Deco hotel that's been home to the rich and famous for decades. You'll Breakfast at Tiffany’s, shop on Fifth Avenue and slink into a speakeasy for jazz-age romance and cocktail-making!

You'll enjoy lobster and Champagne picnics on lazy, Atlantic beach walks with The Hamptons' brightest, youngest things! You'll be pampered to within an inch of your life at the Glenmere Mansion Chateau's glorious spa, exquisite gardens and gourmet cuisine in the Hudson Valley. You'll even get to hunt, fish, ride and punt at the Rockefeller’s former hunting lodge, while on the Finger Lakes you'll stay on the private island retreat of Geneva on the Lake in a 1914 Italianate villa, sampling the local wineries, playing croquet on the lawn and enjoying a traditional root-beer float!

This incredible vacation truly can be enjoyed all year round - Spring brings wildflowers and sugaring maple; summer offers long beach days, autumn boasts the most spectacular “falls,” while winter comes with cosy fires and blankets of snow.

In Short:

  • Shop, wine and dine amongst New York City's best eateries
  • Socialise with bright young things in The Hamptons
  • Pamper yourself at Glenmere Mansion spa
  • Hunt, fish, row and ride at The Rockefeller's hunting lodge!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager