Rooftop Cinema Club - Los Angeles


Nov - Dec


United States of America

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Why Rooftop Cinema Club Los Angeles?

Only the coolest of the cool cult classics are good enough for the L.A Rooftop Cinema Club. 

Well ok, so you might not consider The Notebook to be a cool cult classic… but everyone needs to clear out those tear ducts from time to time (guys, don’t pretend you’re exempt from feeling the feels. We know it’s not the onions). But flicks like Pulp Fiction, Rebel Without A Cause, Clueless and Top Gun definitely fit the definition. 

And There's More To It Than That. 

Besides, it’s not just about the movies. It’s about the experience. It’s grabbing your significant other or group of besties (or even going it alone) and making your way to the top of a super-cool rooftop on a balmy summer’s evening. It’s admiring the amazing city views, sipping on a cocktail and feasting on organic, hip ‘Farmers Belly cafe’ cuisine.

You could pretty much stare at a blank wall and still have a good time!

Spend one summer’s night on the rooftop watching a favourite flick as the sun sets, and you’ll quickly want to make a ritual out of it. You might even decide to see The Notebook. Just don’t forget to pack the tissues. 

In Short:

  • See the coolest cult classics
  • Perfect for friends, lovers, or solo movie-goers alike
  • City views and cocktails pre-show
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager