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Music. Mystery. Mayhem.

Dress up as an Oompah-Loompa and dance to turbo gypsy on any street in London and you’ll be promptly arrested. Do it at Rumpus and you’ll be welcomed into the tribe with open arms!

Because there are good parties and there are great parties… and then there is Rumpus. This London-based party extravaganza takes place a handful of times throughout the year, and completely redefines the notion of what a party can be with each event.

7 rooms. 8 hours. 1 epic party.

If you enjoy being squished next to other party-goers for hours on end, with everyone dressed to impress and listening to the same tracks, then Rumpus isn’t for you.

But if you crave a party where the focus is on complete mayhem, then read on. Live bands, great DJs, eclectic shows, off-stage performances, art exhibitions, and immersive theatre – it’s all part of Rumpus, which extracts the relaxed and varied ambience of an epic festival, leaving behind the mud, tents, and overflowing porta-potties...

Forget dressing to the nines. Instead, dress up to match the Rumpus theme-of-the-day – whether that’s Dahl vs Dali, Plasticine vs Pleistocene, Clowns in Gowns, or Santas vs Pandas (we told you it was mental…)! Ultimately, Rumpus is the way parties should be.

In Short:

  • An epic party with a difference
  • Remarkable unique themes
  • Extensive mix of music styles
  • A dress code like no other
  • An unforgettable night in London
Chris Carra
Chris Carra Author & Events Manager