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Why The Running of the Bulls?

Nestled in North-Easternmost Spain, the unassuming cobblestones of Pamplona seem an unusual setting for one of mankind’s most evolution-defying traditions. But for one week every July, the city reverberates with the world famous and iconic Running of the Bulls festival. For these cobblestones are where heroes are born!

The Bull Run, or to use its local name - The Encierro, is a Spanish institution that you're unlikely - for one reason or another - to ever experience again! We'll even go so far as to say if this event isn't on your bucket list, well... that's a bullocks bucket list! 

So, if you think your legs are up to running almost a kilometre from dozens of half-ton heifers and you possess a flagrant disregard for your personal safety, just click the link below and become part of this bizarre yet brilliant tradition. 

Tell me more about The Encierro!

Going back centuries, hundreds of foolhardy and courageously inebriated participants have gathered in the town square each morning for a whole week to await the chime of the San Cernin Church Clock...At

At 8am, the tension peaks. With the blast of a rocket, the gates are opened and twelve marauding bovines are sent careering down Pamplona’s narrow streets, goring every man, woman and wine-soaked idiot who happens to get in their way.

For those who evade this tsunami of horns, hooves and pain and manage to make it successfully to the safety of the stadium, the merriment of the festival goes on. For those that don’t however, a place in the festival’s blood-splattered history is assured. Go on, we dare you to go and get the horn!

In Short:

  • Stay in the beautiful town of Pamplona in untouched north-eastern Spain
  • Run with the bulls once or seven days running!
  • Become a hero! 
  • Soak up the week-long party atmosphere
  • Tick off one of the most famous, bizarre events from your bucket list 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager