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Why Sala Silvermine?

The Sala Silvermine in Sweden is exactly that- a Swedish silver mine. Fear not, we aren’t signing you up for a stint of hard graft in subterranean Scandinavia! Historic Sala Silvermine is nowadays the site of the world’s deepest hotel suite, some 155 metres underground. 

The ultimate ‘Do Not Disturb’ environment, your Sala Silvermine Suite is nestled in an underground chamber that was excavated by hand hundreds of years ago. Unlike the poor chaps that spent life bent double chipping away in search of silver, you’ll be sprawled out on a luxurious bed, indulging in champagne and fine cheese and as if Nature had planned it this way all along, the cosy suite sits in a pocket of warm air, while the rest of the tunnels and caves drop to a cool 2°C. 

The only catch is, you’ll have to wait until your above ground and regain mobile signal to post Instagram pics!

Enchanted Repurposing of Historic Silver Mine. 

The history of Sala Silvermine dates back to 1600s and for four glorious centuries, the site rewarded prospectors with an abundance of silver. When the mining operation called time in 1908 the whole site might have been shut down for rodents and vandals to take over, but instead, it’s been repurposed into a totally unique hotel experience that will have you appreciating the simple things in life like never before, daylight for example! 

Sala Silvermine is Bond villain lair, Hobbit luxe, Dracula-on-a-long-weekend and Euro quirkiness all rolled into one and if you’re worried about being completely forgotten or running out of crackers for your cheeseboard, there’s an intercom that connects you with staff at ground level. 

The site also hosts musical concerts and guided tours down into the depths of the cavities and tunnels that once glistened with Sweden’s richest source of silver. 

In Short:

  • Luxury hotel suite buried 155 metres underground in a historic silver mine in Sala, Sweden.
  • Perfectly safe with direct intercom connection to staff above ground.
  • Pair a night in the suite with a fascinating tour deep into the old mine. 
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