Samara Private Game Reserve


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South Africa

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Why Samara Private Game Reserve?

Keep the defibrillator paddles handy, because Samara Private Game Reserve is what they call ""heart-stoppingly beautiful”. Ok ok, so maybe not literally, but the description is none the less a fitting one. It really is that stunning.

Winner of multiple awards, and devoted to the cause of conservation, Samara is the kind of place that changes you.

What Will You Do At Samara Private Game Reserve?

Admire the wild beauty of the African landscape. Meet the local residents of Samara Reserve — like bats, monkeys, aardvarks, wildcats, zebras, giraffes, bush pigs and wildebeests.

Discover stories like that of Sibella, a Cheetah nearly killed by hunters who was saved and rehabilitated by Samara. Sibella has gone on to rear 18 cubs of her own, contributing significantly to the highly endangered Cheetah population (you go girl!) 

The colonial-style lodge accommodation has all the luxuries you’d want along with exceptional service and beautiful decor, all wrapped up in the tranquility of nature.

Samara has a great children’s program and is highly family friendly. Or you can enjoy it solo, with friends or, of course, with a partner for a romantic trip unlike any other.

Already having palpitations at the promise of exotic creatures, noble beasts and boundless plains? Well, be still your beating heart… Just you wait until you get there!

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In Short:

  • Incredible stories
  • Heart-stoppingly beautiful surrounds
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Luxury accommodation 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager