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Why become a traditional warrior at Samurai Sword Play?

Let’s get straight to the point! There’s a very good reason these ancient swordsmen feature in so many movies, TV shows and video games… it’s because Samurais are officially one of the coolest things on the planet! Male or female, who hasn’t thought “It would be so cool to be a Samurai!” Well, we’ve found a real Samurai swordsman in the heart of Tokyo who can teach you the ways of traditional warriors at Samurai Sword Play.

Tetsuro Shimaguchi is a charming historian, artist, philosopher and sword-fighting warrior who choreographed scenes on Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and leads KAMUI - a group of artists who combine martial and performing arts to create a unique, new discipline. Now, you can join him in his favourite restaurant while learning the ways of the ancients, visit holy shrines and take your first steps to becoming a Samurai in his dojo on this amazing two-day experience…

Eat, Pray, Fight!

First things first - a warrior must prepare for battle with a good hearty meal, so you’ll join Tetsuro for dinner in his favourite Chinese restaurant where he will teach and amaze you (in English) with the tenets and history of Samurai culture.

After a much-needed sleep, the next day you’ll return to Tetsuro’s neighbourhood to focus your mind and visit temples, holy shrines and other spots close to his heart. Then it’s time to head to Tetsuro’s traditional Japanese dojo as you Get Ready… Fight!

After a brief introduction, you’ll sharpen the techniques and mental awareness you need to swing, parry, strike a pose and choreograph movements for maximum drama and excitement.

This once-in-another-lifetime training will strengthen your mind and body, change your life and make you feel like one of The Seven Samurai. Don’t believe us? Just click the link to read happy customer’s warrior’s elated testimonials.

In Short:

  • Meet a real Samurai in Tokyo
  • Learn traditional techniques as you eat, pray and fight
  • Head back in time and save feudal Japan with Samurai Sword Play! 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager