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Why rock the boat at Sea Dance Festival?

All lIfe came from the sea. Fish bravely ventured onto land using their tiny little fins. Over the course of billions of years, fins became arms. And what should we be using those arms for? For throwing in the air and waving ‘em round like we just don’t care!
Nestled between Croatia and Albania lies Montenegro. There, for three days in July, the beautiful Jaz beach will transform into a hive of musical activity and hedonism as some of the world's biggest stars perform to over 100,000 music-loving festival goers like your good self. 
Friday night plays host to legendary 90’s dance act The Stereo MC’s… who I must admit, I thought were dead! Perhaps they rose from the sea like the coelacanth - the fish thought to be extinct for millions of years?

What makes Sea Dance such fine purveyors of quality fun times?

Sea Dance’s 7 stages - including the Main stage, Dance Paradise, Reggae Stage and Chill Zone not only demonstrate there’s something for everyone’s musical taste, they also show there’s plenty of space to throw your fins around!
As well as splashing around to your fave beatz, Montenegro is a stunning country that is well worth exploring, so why not take a few days either side and make a real holiday of it? 
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In short:

  • 3 Day Dance Music festival on the beach
  • Make a holiday and see beautiful Montenegro
  • Skrillex, Goldie, Shy FX, Hurts, Lost Frequencies, Sub Focus, Zomboy + more!
  • 7 stages - including Main stage, Dance Paradise, Reggae Stage & Chill Zone
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager