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Why Head To Secret Cinema?

There’s watching your favourite movie, and then there’s getting inside it. Secret Cinema create entire movie worlds so you can do the latter.
Yep — sets, costumes, interactive performances… it’s seriously cool. You’d swear you just stepped right through the TV screen. 

So I Can Actually Be In Dirty Dancing..?

Yep, this time it’s the world of Dirty Dancing, which means you get to experience a 2016 version of the 1980s version of the 1960s. Or something. Whatever, the hairstyles will be better. 
More importantly, there’ll be dancing. Hip-grinding, body-swaying, hair-twirling, skirt-swirling dancing. Guys, girls will expect you to lift them into the air gracefully like Patrick Swayze does to Baby in that famous scene. You have been warned. 
Secret Cinema takes place at a secret location in London. Book now and start practicing your moves. 
You’ll have the time of your life. No, you’ve never felt like this before. We swear it’s the truth… Ok, you get the idea! 

In Short:

  • Experience a replica of the Dirty Dancing movie world. Sadly, Patrick Swayze not included. 
  • Sets, costumes, actors and interactive performances bringing it to life.
  • An excuse to dress up like your favourite character...
  • ...And pull out your best dance moves.
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager