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Celebrate Life at Sensation Dubai 2017.

Do you know why the tagline of Sensation is “Celebrate Life”? Allow me to fill you in. It’s because up until this point you only thought you were alive. And then you find yourself dancing in an electronic storm of drum beats and human pulses, dancing in a sea of white, dancing with all the joy and freedom and smoke machines, and all of sudden you know what it truly feels like to be alive.

Yeah, before that you were just in the Matrix, my friend.

Why Sensation Dubai 2017?

Sensation is a worldwide phenomenon that’s been turning out banging events for 18 years. The name is basically synonymous with dance party. Love house music? Addicted to trance? Then get your dancing shoes on and some caffeine in your veins because this event will keep you moving all night like a streamer in a gale-force wind.

Sensation takes place all across the world, and each event is as huge and euphoric as the next. The entire crowd dresses in white to create a pulsing, undulating sea of bodies joining together in rhythmic harmony. In Dubai this November, you can be one of them. Get your tickets while you can.

In Short:

  • Experience Sensation, a global phenomenon that’s been running 18 years
  • Electronic music that will satisfy every house and trance lover
  • Thousands of people all dressed in white for a euphoric, pulsing sea of white
  • Enjoy it amidst the richness of Dubai, the City of Gold!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager