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Want to discover Japan's Shikoku Art & Culture?

Japan… romantic land of ancient ritual, Shogun warriors duelling over their beloved Geisha,  tea-making ceremonies, cherry blossom, sudoku and fat men wrestling in nappies! 

If Japan’s cities seem culture shocking, this exclusive private journey to discover its little-visited, fourth-largest island of Shikoku will fill you with creative bliss and calm your soul. Shikoku’s stunning rural landscape has long captivated the imagination of Japan's most innovative philosophers, architects, artists, writers and landscape designers. 

Where will I get to travel?

Beginning in the hot spring city and home to Japan's oldest bathhouse, Matsuyama, you’ll cruise the islands of the Seto Inland Sea by private boat and admire tiny fishing island, Naoshima’s modern art installations by world-famous artist Tadao Ando. 

You’ll discover Japan's best landscape gardens in Takamatsu and follow in the literary footsteps of Matsuyama author Natsume Soseki and explore the wild rural peaks of the picturesque Iya Valley. 

You’ll be immersed in Japanese culture and cuisine as you venture backstage in Japan's oldest Kabuki playhouse, learn to make Udon noodles from scratch and eat in the regions finest restaurants and sample its delightful street cuisine.

So bid Sayonara to your blues Say Kon'nichiwa to the pink cherry blossom of Japan’s serene landscape and zen philosophy. Click the link for pure zen…

In short:

  • Art and culture filled trip to Japan's most beautiful locations
  • Diverse itinerary; from Kabuki playhouses to noodle-making class!
  • Find zen and restore your creativity 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager