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Forget Those Unpleasant Yoga Experiences... 

Today I went to a yoga class in New York where the room was like a sardine can. Every possible inch of floor space was covered in yoga mats and--despite having floor to ceiling windows--my sadist yoga instructor insisted on minimizing the flow of fresh breeze leaving only a thick, sweaty air to hang above the class. In other words, this is not the way to experience yoga.

As I held my downward facing dog just inches from some guy’s armpit, I couldn’t help but picture the Sivananda Yoga Retreat. For nearly 50 years the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat has been a leading destination for travelers to come practice yoga and develop a healthy lifestyle.

What's Special About The Sivananda Yoga Retreat?

Based in the Bahamas, the Sivananda Ashram is on one of the finest beaches in the world with the sound of crystal clear waters as your music and sugary sand as your yoga mat.

It is the ultimate setting for serenity, relaxation and peace as people come together for no other reason but the sheer pleasure of spirituality and health. Rather than squeeze in a lackluster yoga class in a crowded studio back home, step into the beauty of the Sivananda Ashram.

In Short:

  • Experience the beauty of the Bahamas.
  • Train your body and feed your soul. 
  • No more sweating into someone else's armpit: Sivananda has breathing space and top notch facilities. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager