Sleep in the clouds at Yupinglou Hotel, China





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Sleep in the clouds at Yupinglou Hotel, China. 

To experience the full ethereal atmosphere of China’s Huangshan mountains you really ought to stay in a suitably otherworldly hotel like Yupinglou. Think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tourist

Shrouded by a sea of clouds atop a mountain range infamous for its peculiar rock formations and ancient pines, the Yupinglou hotel (“yoo-ping-loo”) redefines the idea of location, location, location. I can only imagine the look on the foreman’s face as he mulled over the architect’s ambitious plan, but as Kevin Costner learned in Field of Dreams: “if you build it, they will come”. 

A Mystical Legacy.

The first to rave about the Huangshan mountain range way back in 747 AD was none other than legendary ancestor to the Chinese, ‘Yellow Emperor’ Huang Di. So powerful are the energies coursing through the mountains that old Huang Di transcended to the state of supernatural being whilst holidaying there, or so they say.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll depart the earthly realm and wind up drinking tea with the Yellow Emperor but as you hike the stunning ranges, film time lapses of ridiculous sunsets and bask in hot springs like Nat Geo monkeys you certainly feel withdrawn from the world below and all its human drama. 

Apparently, Huang Di literally became younger after bathing in the so-called Springs of Youth but please don’t be disappointed if things don’t go the same way; a mineral detox in a thousand-year-old spring is still pretty amazing!  

In Short:

  • A hotel in the clouds atop the Huangshan mountain range in eastern China.
  • Discount bookings. 
  • Must-see sights include the Chinese household favourite Greeting Guest Pine and gravity defying Flying-Over Rock.
  • Become younger, enlightened and transcend. Maybe.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager