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Why Elqui Domos? 

Is there anything more idyllic than falling asleep under the stars? Then looking up from the comfort of your plush, warm bed and watching as night comes alive with twinkling lights? At the Elqui Domos in Chile, this sanctuary for stargazers boasts clear skies and unbeatable views of the galaxies and constellations.

The offbeat lodge is only a few hours north of Santiago and was built with stargazing in mind. Accommodations consist of wood cabins and angled, glass ceilings designed to ensure unobstructed views from the comfort of the bedroom. With lofted beds, rooftops that open and domed rooms, the Elqui Domos is a unique hotel where you won’t want to leave the room unless it's to visit the in-house observatory that comes fully equipped with two electronic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

Star-gazing, Solitude, Romance... The Choice Is Yours.  

Who's It For?

Perhaps you’re a couple looking to escape to a hotel that is the epitome of romance, to share kisses under the dancing Milky Way. Maybe you’re a space enthusiast in search of the planet’s best stargazing sights.

Whatever your preference, the Elqui Domos attracts all travelers with a unique stay under the stars.

In Short:

  • Sleep under the stars (but do it in comfort). 
  • Gorgeous wood cabins with glass ceilings. 
  • In-house observatory with telescopes for star-gazing.
  • Perfect for couples, solo travelers and space geeks alike. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager