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Why Do A Solar Eclipse 2017 US National Parks Tour?

There’s a particular type of thrill that comes from witnessing infrequent cosmic events. A sense of awe washes over you. Is it awe at the beauty of ephemerality? Or awe at the realisation that we’re really just tiny ants on a rock spinning through space, in a universe that’s so much bigger than us?

We’re not sure but if we were to make a snap philosophical judgement, we’d probably say it’s a bit of both.

For just 2 minutes 16 seconds a total solar eclipse will be visible from the United States in 2017. And while that may be a fleeing amount of time, the feeling of sublimity will linger for the rest of this exceptional 10-day tour.

Great, But What Do I Do When The Eclipse Is Over?

While it’s designed to coincide with the Eclipse (which happens on day 4 of the itinerary) the tour also involves much, much more. You’ll witness the beauty of Yellowstone National Park, travel through breathtaking mountain and desert scenery to Salt Lake City and then into Northern Arizona, stopping at dramatic lakes, canyons and rock formations on the way.

You’ll finally arrive at the Grand Canyon for another dose of absolute awe as you walk amongst the towering rock stacks and undulating valleys.

So are you ready to have your soul touched and your mind exploded with questions about your place in the universe? If not, well, go anyway. You won’t regret it. To quote Bonnie Tyler, there’s nothing we can say — it’s just a total eclipse of the… sun. 

In Short:

  • The thrill of a rare cosmic event
  • A prime vantage point to see the eclipse
  • 10 days of stunning natural beauty, from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon
  • Bucketloads of wonder and awe
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager