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Why Songkran - The World’s Greatest Water Fight?

Every year, as the summer drought comes to an end, the people of Thailand celebrate the approaching rainy season with Songkran - the world’s greatest water fight.

From Chiang Mai in the north to Bangkok and the idyllic islands of the south, everyone finds their inner child and heads to 7-11 to buy the biggest, pump-action water gun they can find. Thousands line the streets to drench others and get drenched, laughing all the while.

And now, with beach-front resort accommodation in Phuket and an exclusive island day-trip, you can be part of the crazy, joyous soaked fun!

What does the Songkran Tour include?

Your first day will see your two professional tour guides take you to Phuket’s liveliest music bars and clubs before the next morning you hop aboard a private speedboat to Naka Island. There, you’ll spend the day on a beautiful beach with crystal waters, sipping on cocktails served in coconuts.

Day 3 and 4 feature visits to Phuket’s famous Bangla Road, where you’ll enter the liquid battlefield with water guns loaded and buckets filled to the brim as you experience the biggest and best water fight on earth!

Every street, every bar, every corner and every person becomes a target for your water-pistol, even young Buddhist monks join in! This relatively unknown Thai festival is up there with running with bulls and La Tomatina and deserves to be high on your pioneer’s bucket list.

In Short:

  • 4-star beach-front resort accommodation & full breakfast every day
  • Exclusive island day-trip and tickets to Songkran pre-party
  • Don’t worry, be happy at Songkran - The World’s Greatest Water Fight! 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager