Soul and Surf Yoga Retreat India


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Why The Soul and Surf Yoga Retreat India?

You wake to the unmistakable scent of freshly brewed masala chai, walk barefoot across the lawn to the edge of rust red cliffs and gaze down at the surf rolling in on the Arabian sea. This is the headquarters of Soul and Surf, and it welcomes you to Southern Kerala, unlike any other resort.

Each morning, the calm Shanti vibes are like an electric current buzzing in the hazy air as you rattle down the coast under a fireball sunrise in search of, well, Soul and Surf!

This unlikely surf destination is home to some surprisingly consistent breaks suitable for keen beginners through to experienced salty sea dogs.

Sharing Waves and Spreading Good Vibes.

Ed and Sofie who run Soul and Surf exchanged the chilly pebbled beaches of Brighton for the enchanting coastline of Southern Kerala and have transformed their plot into a surf and yoga utopia. They combine professional yoga and massage, an organic kitchen, surf coaching and one of the classiest lodges in the whole region.

It is a tourist hangout but also a community project, and anyone visiting will gain a unique insight into the local beach life along Varkala cliff. The guys run a weekly surf school for local kids to share the joy of surfing and say thank you to the fishing families who kindly share their beaches. Ever the eco-conscious endeavour, Soul and Surf also operate beach and ocean clean-ups in the area. Good karma for all!

In Short:

  • A fully hosted surf camp in the heart of Southern Kerala.
  • Stunning rooftop yoga classes.
  • Immersion into a fascinating local culture.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager