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Take a Photography Tour of South West China & Tibetan Borderlands.

In the age of the camera-phone we often forget it, but true photography is an art.

There’s more to taking an exceptional photo than just… sticking your own head in it and pulling your best selfie face. Though we like to think that doesn’t hurt.

There’s all that stuff about light, colour, depth of field and composition. There’s knowing the rules, and knowing how to artfully break them. Then there are the neat tricks that only an acclaimed, award-winning photographer can teach you. One like Richard I'Anson, in this case.

What's So Special About This Photography Course?

Two birds, one stone my friend. Getting to hone your photography skills and experience the absolute beauty of China at the same time? Talk about dream come true. Point your lens at some of the most spectacular sights the region has to offer, from the emerald waters of Green Lake to the historic cobbled streets and wooden buildings of Lijiang, to the sweeping landscapes of rice terraces. 

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better.... PANDAS! 

Visit the Panda Breeding Research Centre in Chengdu and make friends with everyone's favourite kind of bear (ok, selfies totally justified here). 

For the photographic adventurer, this will be an amazing experience — no matter how you frame it.

In Short:

  • Expert tuition from an award-winning photographer 
  • Incredible photo opportunities
  • Historical sites, magical winter landscapes, rice terraces, and pandas!
  • Attend the 3-day Great Prayer Festival at Labrang Monastery
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager