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You have an insatiable appetite for wanderlust and love to travel to exotic locales but it’s getting increasingly difficult to get off-the-beaten-path. Every far-flung corner of the earth seems to be running rampant with selfie stick-toting tourists, and every Instagram photo you share seems to have 10,000 others that look just like it.

To truly escape the crowds, it seems the only place left to go is off the planet. You heard that right. For your next trip, how about taking a break from the entire human race and visiting the final frontier: Space.

Wait, You Mean I Can Really Travel Into Space??

We're 100% serious - Virgin Galactic flights take off at daybreak and come with a fully trained crew of astronauts to guide you through your first foray beyond earth’s atmosphere. Once on board, the spaceship climbs to an altitude of 50,000 feet before accelerating to 3x the speed of sound and leaving the planet.

For several minutes, you’ll have the best view of earth and will experience weightlessness and anti-gravity before reentering the atmosphere. It’s a trip unlike any other and definitely far off-the-beaten-path.

Eat your heart out, Instagram friends!

In Short:

  • Go off the beaten track to somewhere TRULY unique. Space!
  • Fully-trained crew of astronauts to guide you.
  • View Earth from above and experience an awe like you've never felt before. 
  • And don't forget to take a few snaps! Talk about social media envy... 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager