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Spanish Mountain Yoga retreat is a detox from technology!

Modern life means technology is impossible to escape, so if your days are all about e-mails, updating Twitter, Facebook, texting and deciphering smiley face emojis :) we recommend you swap your tweeting for some real bird watching and yoga among the bio-diverse Las Alpujarras natural park.

Just like your car needs a tune-up or your iPhone a new battery, The Kaliyoga Retreat is the ideal way to examine old assumptions and question outdated beliefs, using ancient yoga techniques to evolve effective skills to help you achieve personal fulfilment, Zenlightenment and serenity. Think of it as defragging your brain!

Ok, I'm ditching my iPhone - what else is on offer?

But it’s not just detoxing from your social media diet - step-by-step tuition from highly skilled and experienced Yogis will re-calibrate your mind-body connection while developing sensitivity and loving kindness: Busy minds will learn to rest and busy bodies will release all those layers of tension. Classes are designed to be accessible to beginners, whilst more experienced yogis can deepen their practice.

Combining cleansing food with fresh mountain air (ideal for walking, hiking and horse riding) The Kaliyoga Retreat can also arrange cultural trips to the Alhambra Palace world heritage site in Granada. Courses last six nights with arrivals on Sunday and departures on Saturday with group transfers via Malaga airport.

So, to get away from all this technology and back in tune with Mother Nature, simply click the link on your Apple iPad, Galaxy phone or laptop for more information!

In short:

  • Forget your phone and social media for a week
  • Develop your mind-body connection with yoga
  • Cleansing food, mountain air and healthy walks
  • Question outdated beliefs in this paradigm-shifting time
  • Take a step towards enlightenment 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager