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Why St Patrick’s Day Dublin ?

Saint Paddy’s Day is celebrated all around the world - from Chicago, where they dye the river green to candy-raining parades which stretch from Canada to Mexico… but St Patrick’s Day Dublin remains the original, noisiest and most ridiculously fun-packed of them all!

Irish folk need no excuse for a party, so when mid-March rolls around, it’s seen as the beginning of spring and chance to go wild! There is a serious side to the celebrations; In the Fifth Century, Saint Patrick heard a voice commanding him to go back to Ireland so at least you won’t be the first person so full of stout that you hear voices!

Whether you’re half or a sixty-fourth Irish or just fancy a rollicking good long weekend in Eire’s fair capital city, we know just all the right people! And this year, with the luck of the Irish, St Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday!

What makes St Patrick's Day Dublin the most fun day ever?

One word. Guinness! So be warned, this Shamrocks and Shenanigans tour is for the hedonistic and young at heart only because - just like the shots - the fun keeps dublin’ and dublin’ until you drop!

You’ll spend three nights staying in a shared, no-frills central Dublin location, joining the St. Patrick’s Day Festivities, enjoying the madness of Dublin’s famous Temple Bar and singing and dancing to live traditional Gaelic music performances.

You’ll breakfast on hearty Irish breakfasts, complete with potato farms and soda bread (to soak up the festival atmosphere) and walk off any hangovers with a walking tour of Dublin, enjoy fast-track tickets to The Guinness Storehouse - the city’s finest brewery experience that tells the tale of Ireland's famous beer, with tastings and a rooftop bar!

In short:

  • 3 nights city centre B&B accommodation
  • Limericks, Leprechauns and The River Liffey!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party and tour guides
  • Guinness Storehouse fast track ticket
  • Walking tours of Dublin

Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager