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New Zealand

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Why Stairway To Heaven Mountain Biking?

You know the forest trails around your home so well, you can practically ride them with your eyes closed… You have wheels, can travel... and you want MORE!

Do you want breathtaking scenery? How about trails through golden grassland, singletracks perched high above aquamarine-coloured bays and heart-pumping heli-biking through mystical forests and enchanted ghost tracks

Well, if you’re an experienced, skilled and fit mountain biker, able to ride for up to 5 hours a day…

What Makes New Zealand So Amazing?

Well, on top of the stunning landscapes, it has hundreds of thirst-quenching local brews and the friendliest inhabitants in the world!

That’s why Life of Riley is proud to team up with Sacred Rides - the team that National Geographic Adventure describes as “The number one mountain bike tour company on earth”

Though since this is NZ, maybe that should be Middle Earth - if only those hobbits had mountain bikes, they’d have made Mordor in half the time...

This six-day adventure features some of New Zealand's best trails, like the Queen Charlotte Track and the Rameka. The heli-bike shuttle to the top of the most epic slices of singletrack on the Old Ghost Road will have you in heavenly bliss. You’ll also get to shred lesser-known local favourites like Coppermine Saddle and Dunn Mountain.

To find what’s included, videos and full itineraries, click the link and fly, you fools!

In Short: (for Hobbits)

  • Visit New Zealand!
  • Enchanted forests and turquoise-coloured bays 
  • Ride and Heli-bike some of the world's most breathtaking trails
  • No. 1 mountain bike tour company on earth! 
  • Thirst quenching local beers and friendly Kiwis
  • Destroy the One Ring to Rule Them All
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager