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Why Stay At The Castello di Pavone?

Most folk’s idea of getting away from it all is letting someone else do the cooking, then complaining their potatoes have been over-boiled! Here at Life of Riley, we like to go that step further, so instead of your annual trip to see the in-laws why not stay a luxurious three days at the Castello di Pavone - a romantic Italian Castle?

On this trip, you’ll travel to the breathtaking Canavese area of Piedmont, Italy where you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome before settling into living the life of luxury at a stunning fortress with scenic views of the rolling Italian countryside.

Sound like heaven? Let’s just say we think swapping beautifully decorated halls, richly furnished with Savonarola chairs and ballrooms decked in crystals is a necessity, not a luxury!

What’s So Magical About Italian Castles?

The Canavese area boasts a stunning castle for every village, so not content with doing things by half, you’ll spend a day at the Castle of Masino, built in the eleventh century by The Valperga family.

You’ll be transported back in time to another age as you walk their frescoed interiors, spacious country park and “Italian-style” labyrinthine gardens. If you think the Palazzo delle Carrozze sounds like the most romantic place ever, wait til you see it - though you probably already have as the castle is often used in movies.

In amongst wining and dining at Piedmont’s finest restaurants, you’ll also visit one of its finest vineyards. There, if you find yourself missing your mother-in-law's home-cooked food, you can sample locally-produced Spumante Brut Charmat and Canavese Rosso – served with Salampatata (a local Piedmont pork sausage and boiled potatoes delicacy) topped off with cheese, pastries and Passito!

So give yourself and your loved one and click the link!

In Short:

  • Stay in the lap of luxury in Piedmont…
  • in an Italian Castle!
  • Visit the 11th Century Castle of Masino
  • Sample wine and local delicacies!
Paolo Resteghini
Paolo Resteghini Author & Events Manager