Super Bowl Package

Feb 4, 2018 To Feb 4, 2018

United States

Are you game for a Super Bowl Package?

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and you’re plastered to your couch with a beer in hand and Doritos bag within reach. You’re cheering at the TV, jumping up in excitement and living vicariously through the game-faced attendees flashing across the screen.
You and your significant other are locked in a battle over the remote that can almost rival the game on screen as you switch between the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl (who can resist?)

Calling REAL football fans: go hard, or stay home! 

Now imagine spending Super Bowl Sunday at the game. Imagine the intense feeling of being surrounded by screaming fans, the chance that your team might win inside the energy-filled stadium, the sheer jealousy of your friends who will be stalking your every social media post. That's right! No armchair, no kids, no six-pack of Bud, no remotes - nothing standing between you and your sporting heroes on the gridiron. 
So don't let attending the Super Bowl continue as a pipedream! We have travel packages to this year's Super Bowl in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each package offers three night's accommodation, deluxe Game Day transportation, pre-game parties and coveted tickets to the game itself.
So this year, rather than scoff down yet another of your neighbor, Tim’s, self-proclaimed “world famous” chilli dogs; why not see the game in a way you'll never forget?

In short:

  • Sleep, eat and breathe 2018 Super Bowl with this all-inclusive package.  
  • Hotels, transport, pre-game parties and prime seating.
  • ""Maybe next year"" is no excuse to miss the climax of 2018 NFL face-offs. 
  • We must insist you keep your jersey on and cannot endorse streaking, no matter how exciting things get! 
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager