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Become A Bodhi At The Surf & Yoga Beach House!

Here at Life of Riley, we love blending the old with the new, so here’s a melting pot of ideas we call Soul-Surfing. It mixes ancient, Eastern yoga with contemporary Western surfing and it goes a little something like this… (Cue Dream Sequence)

Gently awoken by the gentle, satsuma-coloured shards of Moroccan sunlight, you breakfast on bread fresh from the village bakery and a rainbow of fruits plucked from the garden. You wander, barefoot, through your home for seven days (the stunning, Boho-chic influenced Villa Mandala) and step onto your very own beach; Banana Beach.

Describe My Days At The Beach House...

You'll hit the surfboard yoga mat and let the Vinyasa flow, as meters away from you, the Atlantic Ocean laps on the golden North African shore. A quick change and it’s time to hang ten and find your zen (again) when you and your surfboard hit the azure-blue waves.

Late in the afternoon, it’s back to Villa Mandala for more yoga. Evening classes are slower, restorative sessions to rebalance mind and body after a day in the surf. Dinner each night is a starlit feast mixing traditional and contemporary Moroccan and international dishes. Think tapas by the pool, spicy tagines and some of the best desserts imaginable!

(And… back in the room)

Your next challenge is Yoga WHILE surfing. Think you can handle that? Click the link to find out!

In Short:

  • Live the soul-surfing, Bohemian life you always imagined
  • Yoga in the mornings and late afternoons
  • Surfing for almost the whole day
  • Starlit Moroccan feasts
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager