Swiss Skiing Meets Alpine Architecture


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Swiss Ski Adventure Meets Alpine Architectural Wonder.

This refined Swiss ski escape transports you to a Wes Anderson-style alpine dreamland. 

There’s a private mountain railway delivering you direct to the pristine peaks, a prestigious concierge service to rival the Grand Budapest Hotel and a Mario Botta-designed spa built directly into the mountainside, connected to the hotel by a glass walkway- classy! 

Ok, we weren’t quite sure who Mario Botta was either but one look at his ridiculously refined creation with it’s smooth white granite, Canadian maple and iconic glass sails and you’ll be deeply impressed too! Cue jaws on the floor from envious Instagram followers. 

If You Drag Yourself Away From The Spa…

Apart from sliding down some of Switzerland's finest pistes with a fixed ""I'm winning at life"" grin, feel free to slice your own track through powdery cross-country, drift into the sunset in a hot air balloon race horses on a frozen lake. That’s you on a horse, racing your loved one or friends, not you racing a horse to the bar, just so we’re clear!

The Swiss are a classy bunch and never more so when it comes to one of the world’s most acclaimed hotels. While a shot of Jaegermeister and a cheese fondue might satisfy the average alpine punter, the Tschuggen Bergoase proudly present one of those elegant dining experiences where meals look to have been designed by Mario Botta himself and a wine list hand selected by a sommelier, aka a professional wine buff.

In Short: 

  • 3 nights at an architecturally awe-inspiring alpine hotel.
  • Some of Switzerland's best skiing. 
  • Luxury Swiss hospitality. 
  • Unlimited access to the exclusive Tschuggen Express mountain railway.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager