Sydney Tall Ships New Year's Eve Cruise

Dec 31, 2018 To Jan 1, 2019


Why Do The Sydney Tall Ships New Year's Eve Cruise?

Sydney has an unfair advantage when it comes to fireworks: it has a backdrop of two world-famous icons and a body of shimmering water to make everything extra pretty. No wonder so many people flock to the city streets to watch the fireworks every New Year’s Eve.

Well, this year you’ll be the one with the unfair advantage. Why? Because you’ll be sailing right under the spectacle of exploding stars getting the view of a lifetime. If you book in for a Tall Ships cruise, that is. 

What's So Special About The Sydney Tall Ships New Year's Eve Cruise?

Party aboard the 1850s-style Southern Swan tall ship with its proud white sails and pointed bow. Watch the spectacular fireworks displays as they burst all around from barges, rooftops and the struts of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Listen to the ship’s own live band playing your favourite songs as you dance under the stars.

The cruise also includes delicious food and your fill of drinks (including champagne for that midnight toast), so you’ll have everything you need for a full and joyous celebration as you farewell one year and welcome in the next.

So book now. We’re not going overboard when we say you’ll love this experience. It really is the… ship.

In Short:

  • Party like it's 1859 on a vintage-style ship
  • Privileged view of the fireworks
  • On-board live entertainment
  • Food, food, drinks and more drinks
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager