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Tango en Punta: the most inclusive tango festival in the world.

Putting your arms around a complete stranger in a sensual embrace is usually a recipe for disaster.  Unless you happen to be at a tango festival. Then it’s totally fine. You’re both there to sway your hips and move your feet. And you know how the saying goes — it takes two to tango.

And isn't that one of the beautiful things about dance? It brings people together, breaks down barriers, puts aside differences. Never more so than at Tango en Punta, the first and only tango festival in the world that’s fully inclusive and invites people with disabilities to join in too.

Tango en Punta takes place twice a year, on two different continents: in February in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and in September in Bregenz, Austria.

What makes Tango en Punta special?

At Tango en Punta, it doesn’t matter about your nationality, age, gender, or physical and mental abilities. Everyone is welcome. And hey, that means that if your tango skill level is currently “uncoordinated bordering on slapstick” you can still get in there and have a go. The festival brings together hundreds of tango lovers, from newbies to seasoned dancers and even internationally-renowned professionals.

And with a program full of workshops, classes, milongas, live shows and more, you’re bound to leave with your tango game in check, and a bunch of new tricks up your sleeve.

Tango en Punta takes place across four lively days of inclusive events. So polish up your dancing shoes, put aside all differences and limitations, and join together with an open heart and open arms: this is one festival where the rhythm is the only thing needed to unite the people.

In short:

  • The first and only tango festival in the world with inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Hundreds of tango-lovers joining together from around the world
  • Four days of workshops, milongas, live shows, exhibitions and classes
  • No limits on skill level, nationality, age, gender, or physical/mental ability
  • Share the love and break down boundaries through dance
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager