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Think You Know Thai Food?

Having just eaten yet another lacklustre attempt at Thai food here in New York City, I’m about ready to book this Thailand Culinary Tour myself! It seems everyone has had Thai food but no one has actually had Thai food, as it is a far walk between the peanut covered pad thai served in Westernized restaurants, and the fresh, centuries old recipes whipped up on the streets of Bangkok.

Why The Taste of Thailand Culinary Tour?

On this seven-day culinary tour, you’ll head to Bangkok and Chiang Mai to try your hand at cooking traditional Thai dishes, wander local markets to pick out fresh produce and dive head first into the exotic, fragrant, colorful ingredients that characterize Thai food. It is the ultimate foodie’s escape as you visit a local coffee project, Experience a hands-on cooking class at Amita Thai Cooking School, visit the Aor Tor Kor Market (one of the best fresh markets in Bangkok) and see--first hand--how interwoven food is with Thailand’s culture.

While the focus of the trip is epicurean, your itinerary will also include tours of sacred temples, a visit to the monks of Wat Pho and the launch of sky lanterns (khom loy) into the night sky…. See you there!

In Short:

  • Experience genuine Thai cuisine (not the Westernized stuff). 
  • Visit the best fresh food markets for produce.
  • Learn hands-on how to cook Thai culinary delights.  
  • Broader cultural explorations including temples and festivals. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager