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Do you want to find deeper meaning at TED2019?

“Forget everything you know…” begins every TED Talk ever.... But here at Life of Riley, we're thinking perhaps not everything… You really need to remember to be in Vancouver in April. Why? For the TED Talks Conference - what could be the most important, inspirational, forward-thinking series of talks in the history of humankind.

You see, the political and technological turmoil of the past few years has had unexpected consequences: hasn't it?  It’s causing us to ask bigger, deeper, more challenging questions. Like … where is this heading? What really matters? Is there more I should be doing? 

TED2019 is joining that search for deeper meaning. We’ll be exploring new technologies that evoke wonder, and thought-provoking science that will drive the future as significantly as any politician.  It's awe-inspiring, mind-expanding creativity, exploring what possibilities might be available when we ask what ideas are truly worth fighting for, worth living for.

So your first question should be "Where do I get tickets?'

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” 

Yes - we know it was quite some time back that Gandhi said it - But now TED Talks Conference gives you the opportunity to fulfil this ideal.

We are all more than impressed with the TED Talks we've seen - the world’s brightest professors, entrepreneurs, and gurus from the fields of science, spirituality, philosophy, technology, entertainment and design, making short, life-changing talks.

Now imagine a five-day gathering of those self-same top thinkers. All in one place for your benefit, and for the benefit of all mankind. 

And you have a ringside seat.

It’s all well and good being a thinker, a tinkerer and an ideas person, but TED2019 is about the doers who aren’t afraid to put their theories into practice. From Monday, which begins with TED Fellows Talks from up-and-coming world-changers and a gala welcome party, to Friday, which climaxes with an epic final session and a family-style picnic with your fellow TEDsters. The week is packed with mainstage talks, workshops, exhibitions, cafés, intimate dinners and then ultimately a chance to unwind after all that world-changing thinking with a luscious grand party!

In Short:

  • TED2019 conference at Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada
  • Knowledge is power and TED2019 is the source of empowerment. 
  • A bold and inspiring gathering of speakers, all driven by positive change for humankind. 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager