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TED2018: Bring On The Age of Amazement.

“Forget everything you know…” begins every TED Talk ever! 

Here at Life of Riley, we suggest you don’t forget everything you know… otherwise, how are you going to remember to be in Banff in early April for what could be the most important, inspirational, forward-thinking series of talks in the history of humankind?

TED Talks see the world’s brightest professors, entrepreneurs, and gurus from the fields of science, spirituality, philosophy, technology, entertainment and design making short, life-changing talks. Now imagine a five-day gathering of those self-same top thinkers all in one place for your benefit, and for the benefit of all mankind. 

This is not your average book club coffee morning; TED2018 is rolling out what they’re calling - drum roll - The Age Of Amazement. Meaning what exactly? Oh you know, minor issues like the future of Artificial Intelligence, environmentally savvy billionaire tech investors, contemporary philosophers encouraging your inner creative entrepreneur and activists pushing for gender and race equality. Like I said, this isn’t just a think tank, rather a vivid and empowering mega-aquarium of social catalysts!  

TED2018: “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.” 

It’s all well and good being a thinker, a tinkerer and an ideas person but TED2018 is about the doers who aren’t afraid to put their theories into practice.

I’m not saying you have to show up in a black turtleneck and steel-rimmed spectacles with a gadget to rock the status quo, although that would be awesome; the first step to being part of TED2018 is showing up and browsing beautiful Vancouver in the Spring, absorbing the positive vibrations buzzing around like fireflies. 

As much as TED2018 is about social, political and global change, it’s also very much focused on personal growth and reaching Bucket List milestones before they’re resigned to the ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ pile of missed opportunities

In Short:

  • TED2018 conference at Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada, April 2018. 
  • Knowledge is power and TED2018 is the source of empowerment. 
  • A bold and inspiring gathering of speakers, all driven by positive change for humankind. 
Paolo Resteghini
Paolo Resteghini Author & Events Manager