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TED 2018: Welcome to The Age of Amazement!

It truly is a wonderful world - as TED Talks 2018 is out to prove. This year’s annual TED Talks conference, which takes place in the beautiful city of Vancouver, is a week-long festival bringing together the most powerful ideas from technology, biomedicine and science. While social, political and global change is very much the focus, the onus is just as much on personal growth - because we have to be selfish sometimes...

The themes are varied, from politics and philosophy to music and video gaming. However, they all share one thing – they are guaranteed to shape the future.

An intelligent paradise

If knowledge is power, then TED Talks 2018 is the source of empowerment. Fancy arming yourself with an endless stream of smart ideas to discuss? This is the place to do it. As any TED fanatic knows, the highlight of any TED conference is their famous 18-minute talks, this year coming from more than 70 different speakers covering an eclectic mix. These include technologists, music entrepreneurs, architects, rock climbers, astrophysicists and more (we told you it was eclectic…). Yet there’s more to it than simply listening – although that’s a pretty good thing to do with the line-up of speakers on offer!

In addition to the main stage talks, you can also explore the cool exhibits, cafés and spaces outside the theatre. The week is also awash with workshops and activities, as well as social events from dinners to gala dance parties where attendees can chinwag over the bold ideas that have been discussed. Don’t forget the family-style picnic with your fellow TEDsters to end the week – and the hand-picked TED gift bag!

In short:

  • A week-long TED conference sharing bold ideas
  • More than 70 ground-breaking speakers
  • Workshops, activities and social events galore!
  • Includes final day picnic and gift bags
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager