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The Ark Cruise

There was only one problem with Noah’s Ark - it had plenty of decks, but no DJ’s! The animals stepped aboard two-by-two but they weren’t kick-stepping like you’ll be on The Ark Cruise.

If you haven’t heard of The Ark Cruise before, that’s because access to the four-day Mediterranean party cruises are only for the select few, known in our circles as… Chosen Ones!

If you’re lucky enough to become a chosen one, you get to party like an animal for four days as you travel from Barcelona to France, Majorca and Ibiza! 

This Cruise ain’t for everybody… only The Chosen Ones!

The Ark sets off on two cruises this year aboard the Vision of the Seas. Yet just because you’re young and wild-at-heart, doesn’t mean you can’t sleep in a luxurious cabin as if you were on an old persons' cruise! 

Both this year’s cruises begin in Barcelona, and the internationally famous DJ’s will be on the decks as soon as you set foot on deck. After dancing the night away, you’ll wake in the historic fishing town of Sète, known as the Venice of Languedoc.

Next, it’s off to the party island of Ibiza, where you can continue to party to Balearic beatz in one of the many clubs, beaches or beach clubs but make sure to be back before 1am as the real cruise departs across the Balearic Sea. Next stop - Palma de Mallorca and its stunning Gothic Santa María Cathedral, picturesque streets and delicious foods, before returning to Barcelona.

In Short:

  • Cruise the Mediterranean on board a dedicated party ship!
  • Visit Barcelona, Ibiza, Marjorca and France!
  • Stop off at fishing villages, party islands and historic towns
  • With two dates to choose from it’s easy to board The Ark Cruise!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager