The Big Sandy Shoot

Oct 19, 2018 To Oct 21, 2018

United States of America

“Those that come to the Big Sandy, come to shoot.”

It’s big, it’s sandy, and you shoot. It can only be the Big Sandy Shoot!

There’s nothing quite as American as thousands of guns and big explosions in the desert. And while many thrill seekers will have fired a couple of shots at a tin can, or visited a shooting range in the U.S., it doesn’t quite compare to what’s in store here…

Get your trigger finger twitching as you gear up for the biggest machine gun shoot in America, which delivers a quarter-mile long firing range, hundreds of shooters, high-speed targets, and a couple of explosions for good measure.

A Uniquely American Event!

This unique event really does take casual shooting to another level. Lined up along the quarter-mile range in sun-soaked Northwestern Arizona, hundreds of shooters fire off more than 3.5 million rounds over the three-day weekend.

Thousands of NFA weapons are to hand including AK47s, M16s, Tommy Guns, Uzis and heavy-mounted machine guns, allowing you to test your aim with huge 1200-yard distances. Shoot at more than 1,000 reactive targets, as well as RC aerial targets. The event also features an extended night shoot with pyrotechnics - because who doesn’t want to shoot freely into the night sky?

Of course, if you’ve never fired a machine gun before, a series of on-site training courses are available, including lessons on sniping, submachine guns, combat carbines, and tactical pistols in chaos. Locked and loaded? Let’s start making a pile of brown casings…

In Short:

  • Three-day weekend of shooting!
  • Thousands of NFA weapons to use including AK47s, M16s and Tommy Guns
  • Moving targets, night shoots and pyrotechnics
  • A safe environment for an exciting weekend
Paolo Resteghini
Paolo Resteghini Author & Events Manager
Paolo Resteghini
Paolo Resteghini Author & Events Manager