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The Big Sandy Shoot – because one day, Arnie Schwarz may need you.

The Big Sandy Shoot is not just big – it’s the BIGGEST machine gun shoot in the United States.

So we have to be there, don’t we?

Why? Well, let’s face it, if the faeces REALLY hits the fan one day, we can’t expect Schwarzenegger, Stathom and Stalone to stand alone against the Apocalypse, can we?

Hero-worship aside, if you have ever had the slightest inkling of interest in shooting the breeze with the big guns,  you are definitely the target market (see what I did there?) for the Big Sandy Shoot in Arizona.

Big is the word. Picture, with safety earplugs firmly fitted, a firing range a 1/4 mile long with a 1200 yard wide shooting distance.   And then guns. Hundreds of guns.  And not just any guns. Big guns. Machine guns. From the good old Gatlings of yesteryear to modern-day, high-tech machine pistols.

And there’s CANONS and TANKS for goodness sake! 

* As responsible people we should pause here to point out that the event is very carefully controlled with strict rules and regulations for those taking part.

Phew -  with that firmly out of the way – let’s get back to the shooting of machine guns.

What, you ask, will we be shooting at?

In the absence of marauding extra terrestrials, the Big Sandy Shoot boasts over 1000 reactive targets, RC aerial targets, and an extended night shoot with pyrotechnics.  Some targets fly the length of the range at high speeds, some even explode!

So yes. We HAVE to be there. 

In short

  • Three days of adrenaline-soaked shooting
  • test yourself, your weapon and your sights.
  • Try bigger and better firearms
  • Witness the ‘big guns’ at their best 
Bomber Webb
Bomber Webb Author & Events Manager