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Why Take On The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience?

If you don’t remember The Crystal Maze, it was Britain’s craziest adventure TV show of the 90’s. Every week, eccentric host Richard O’Brien would help teams collect crystals before uttering his famous catchphrase “Will you start the fans, please.”

Want to know more? Well, now it’s your chance to have the time of your Aztec, Medieval and Futuristic lifetimes in what newspapers are calling “ridiculous fun”.

“The adrenaline rush never lets up” as you experience the thrill of solving puzzles and having “The. Best. Fun. Ever""

Whether you know the show or not, trust Life of Riley when we say it’s one of the most fun experiences you can have indoors, except... well, you know! You’ll end the day having run, jumped, crawled, laughed, shouted, been bamboozled and bonded beyond words with your team!

What’s The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience All About?

After you’ve assembled your family members, friends or colleagues, prepare to forget the everyday hubbub of London or Manchester as the equally eccentric Maze Master guides you from room to room where you must solve physical, mental, skill or mystery puzzles against the clock.

With the Crystal Maze theme song ringing in your ears and your team egging you on, you’ll run the sandy pyramids of the balmy Aztec zone, climb castle rope ladders of the Medieval Zone, steampunk your way through the Industrial Zone and avoid laser sensors in the chilly Futuristic Zone, collecting crystals all the way.

And then it’s on to The Crystal Dome - no not Richard O’Brien’s cue-bald noggin, but the structure in which you (try to) collect Golden tickets. Sounds easy, but is much harder than you’d think when the famous fans start!

In Short:

  • Forget the everyday hubbub of London or Manchester...
  • With Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Futuristic Zones
  • Solve physical, mental, skill and mystery puzzles
  • Experience the thrill of ultimate team-bonding
  • ""The. Best. Fun. Ever"" in the Crystal Dome in a bomber jacket!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager